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Kingdom of Morocco is a country located in the north - western Africa on the coastline along Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert. This location is a guarantee of beautiful landscapes and unforgettable sights. It is a magical country, a little mysterious, still not fully discovered by tourists. It is a place of intense colors, tastes and smiling, welcoming people. Berber delicacies combining subtlety spice and sweetness with a distinct smell of herbs and flavor of argan oil which stimulate our senses. Weather is what interests us the most. Morocco is the place you can visit all year round. For those who enjoy the sun and hot weather during the summer it is a paradise( temperature in July + 35 ° C to + 44 ° C).Winter temperatures are respectively +20°C. Winter sports enthusiasts also find something for themselves.(in the mountains the temperature can fall to -15°C). Morocco is the most ,, snow country in Africa ''- snow is even more than 5 months of the year. On one side ice-covered mountain peaks, on the other hot desert sands.


Everyone can find something to enjoy!


It is an indispensable element of life in Morocco. Here also you can find intense smells, tastes and colors. Moroccan dishes are prepared with vegetables ripened in the sun. They delight not only the eye, moroccan cuisine can surprise everyone with its unique taste. Harira is a traditional soup with lamb, vegetables, lentils and small pasta usually served with dates. Aromatic tagin and cous cous are the most recognizable parts of the local cuisine. Popular drink, which can not be missed at any home is Moroccan tea prepared with leaves of green tea with fresh mint, herbs and a large amount of sugar. It is also not possible to be in Morocco and do not try specialties such as bastilla (pastry stuffed with chicken and almonds), harcha (sweet bread), msmen (Moroccan pancakes), Rfissa (dish of chicken cooked for a special occasions ) or baghrir (pancakes with a thousand holes).


Variety of choice makes moroccan kitchen suitable

for everyone!


Argan oil - gold of Morocco . What is it ? What does it do ?
Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree. It is a rare plant that occurs only in Morocco. The process of producing argan oil is very tedious. It takes approximately 150 kg of fruit to produce 1 liter of oil. There are two types of argan oil: food and cosmetic. The first is used for salads, meat, vegetables and a sweet dip amlou. One of the main reasons that it is so healthy is that it is rich with vitamins A and E. However, argan oil is also packed with anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acides and linoleic acid. It reduces levels of bad cholesterol while raising the amount of good, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, hypertension, and even coronary heart disease. The second one- cosmetic oil has a very wide range of applications. It is use for cosmetics such as creams, shampoos, conditioners or serums. It shows the valuable properties of nursing and healing. Reduces wrinkles and scars, helps for dry skin or even eczema, and also helps in the fight against cellulite and nail damage.


Everyone can find something to enjoy!

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